Speak Lab (pt. 2)

rachel chang
1 min readDec 14, 2016

One of the major challenges for working mom is time. To balance one personal life, work life, and family life while getting enough sleep in a twenty-four hour day is damn near impossible. Having it all might be impossible and leaning in doesn’t work for everyone.

I chose to work with the persona of a single working mom because of their especially unique and challenging situation. Before constructing specific personas, I tried to map out single mothers as best as I could.

I used a combination of statistics and interviews to create personas. “Single mother” is a rather loaded term, and I think many people, myself included, typically think of a younger, unmarried woman, but divorced mothers are single mothers, too.

What also drove me to focus on single mothers is how the pay gap especially impacts single mothers. As the sole breadwinner, the impact and weight of the gap is especially damning.